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Interactive Marketing and Insights Show: #NIMRI Discusses New Business Tips with Tuni Schartner and Sarah Nadimpalli

Take the leap with a new business venture! Exciting things are happening in the worlds of co-working and planning. Taking the step to start a new job or business can be intimidating. That’s why Suzanne McDonald has invited some new business experts to come and talk about their successes and struggles. Tuni Schartner is the […]

Interactive Marketers Show: #NIMRI Discusses Customer Relationships with Jessica Prokup

Invest in Connection and Build Meaningful Relationships With Your Clients Finding new clients is expensive and time consuming. It is so much easier, and healthier for your business, to learn how to maintain relationships with existing clients! Suzanne McDonald sits down with Jessica Prokup to discuss how to do just that. Jessica Prokup, Marketing Director […]

Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Co-Working Spaces with Sarah Nadimpalli

Learn how to help your business thrive by taking an advantage of co-working! Suzanne McDonald and Sarah Nadimpalli discuss the benefits of co-working and having a dynamic work/community space for professional women. This month’s Interactive Marketing Insights Show is on WADK on Monday, July 23 from noon-1 p.m. Sarah Nadimpalli has a background in academic […]