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Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI: John Antonacci

Create a Memorable Brand Find your brand’s story and tell it in a way that captivates audiences In any story, there is a hero and a guide. The hero has a goal, and the guide comes in with all the knowledge and a plan to get the hero to that goal. You, always, want to […]

Interactive Marketers Show: #NIMRI Discusses Customer Relationships with Jessica Prokup

Invest in Connection and Build Meaningful Relationships With Your Clients Finding new clients is expensive and time consuming. It is so much easier, and healthier for your business, to learn how to maintain relationships with existing clients! Suzanne McDonald sits down with Jessica Prokup to discuss how to do just that. Jessica Prokup, Marketing Director […]

Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses SEO with Dan Shure

Unpack the complicated world of SEO, and learn how to use it to grow your business! Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald spoke with SEO expert Dan Shure as he shares SEO advice and gives tips about how to implement it. Shure knows how translate all the technical jargon into plain English, and his insights […]