Ted Ives and Sabrina Pelletier

Interactive Marketing Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Ads!

Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald was joined by ad experts Ted Ives and Sabrina Pelletier on this month’s WADK Interactive Marketing and Insights Show where they discussed all things advertising. From paid vs unpaid ad content to finding the right marketing mix, these ad gurus provided a great preview to #NIMRI’s Online Ads Showdown: Facebook vs Google vs Social vs Your $$ on 11/1!

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The easiest B2B platforms are AdWords and LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has much more detailed targeting abilities than Facebook and Instagram.
  • AdWords also is superior because you can get people right there when they’re searching for specific topics using keywords.
  • Create content that is most relevant to consumers by having a bold headline that catches their attention, use a CTA that will help really draw them in.

Ways to maximize your ROI:

More advanced tactics include call tracking, custom affinity audiences, and custom intent audiences.  

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SEO Tips WADK April 2018

Interactive Marketing Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses SEO

Are you in control of your brand’s growth? It’s time to take advantage of the aspects you do have control over.

Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald talked with Mark Collins on the WADK Interactive Marketing and Insights Show about optimizing Google in order to attract more leads to your company. Their conversation focused on two main aspects of SEO—On-site SEO and Off-site web presence.

On-Site SEO

Use Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions on your web pages and blog posts, which give readers a snippet of information in their Google search results.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Using keywords here can help Google narrow down what you want to rank for. These keywords should be repeated in places like the ALT TEXT image description and heading to ensure full optimization.

SEO with Mark Collins and NIMRI

Collins listed three tools that can help you find related keywords include:

Off-Site Web Presence

Take advantage of sites such as Google My Business Local Listing, Bing Places For Business and Yelp

Local, online business directory sites include:

High authority domain sites to consider:

See all of the “steps” you will need to take for Local SEO success on www.onweblocal.com. You can also email Mark Collins at info@onweblocal.com with any questions you may have.

April 2018 Interactive Marketing Insights Show

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Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Pricing with Bryan Mason

Feeling like you’re not in control of your business growth? Get rid of these doubtful feelings by taking advantage of the aspects you do have control over, like price.

Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald talked with Bryan Mason of the Apollo Consulting Group on the Interactive Marketing and Insights Show. Their discussion focused on how to determine your pricing goals, and how to achieve those goals.

Setting Goals & Prices

What you need to have/know before you can set prices:

  • A solid business strategy
  • A solid marketing strategy
  • An understanding of what you want to accomplish with pricing

How do you set prices today?

  • What competitors charge for a similar item
  • Your cost plus a markup
  • The amount you need to make a profit


For more insights on pricing, listen to the show or join #NIMRI for the full presentation on Thursday, April 26th from 6-9 PM. Pre-register at bit.ly/NIMevents.  

Missed this great talk? We have a NIM deal for you!

Become a NIM $upporting member, if you aren’t already, for access to the vast video library of past presentations and watch from your device at your convenience.


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Suzi Nance discusses the way that she found organization between her profession and her passion.

Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Professional & Personal Organization

Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald talked with international speaker, Suzi Nance on the WADK Interactive Marketing and Insights Show about organizing your personal and professional life. Their conversation focused on the easy steps you can take to achieve organizational success!

Break-through this misconceived idea that juggling two professions simultaneously is unattainable. Learn the practical tools and strategies to make starting a new business doable and very rewarding from Suzi Nance.

Key Take-Aways

  • Determine what is most important and just do it!
  • Make sure that your day isn’t just full of doing tasks to get you to the next day, but doing tasks that help you reach your future goals.
  • Know your audience before pitching your profession and carry both sets of business cards if you have a side-gig.

Meet Suzi Nance

Suzi Nance on Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + Insights on personal and professional organization

Suzi Conklin Nance is both a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a life coach, and motivational/inspirational speaker. Founder of Newport Center for Hypnotherapy, Suzi is also the second-generation President of Capitol Realty Company, a leading real estate firm in Newport RI, where for over 50 years, her team of 6 have enjoyed the success that comes with a reputation of exceptional client service. Suzi’s broad and rich knowledge and experience allow her the credentials to speak authentically on a variety of topics relevant to business, non-profits, student, and personal empowerment. Her passion, humor, energy, and conviction allow her the ability to transform audiences: Suzi empowers attendees with the tools to be agents of change…in their lives, their businesses, and the world!


Call into Interactive Marketing Insights Show on WADK-AM 1540’s Open Forum show from 12-1 PM on the 4th Monday of each month to gain valuable insights from experts in marketing, digital, entrepreneurship.


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Interactive Marketing Insights Show with Suzanne McDonald and Scott Indermaur

Interactive Marketing Insights Show Airs First Episode on 1540 AM WADK

Angles and Insights founder Suzanne McDonald launches Interactive Marketing Insights Show on 1540 AM WADK NPT 

To kick off 2018 with a fresh start, Angles & Insights is proud to announce a new partnership with 1540 AM WADK radio station in Newport, Rhode Island with the launch of the Interactive Marketing Insights Show.

McDonald will interview one guest per month to discuss current trends impacting the digital media landscape.

For the show’s first episode, McDonald spoke with Visual-Video specialist Scott Indermaur about mobile phone photography and how it impacts businesses and brands large and small in today’s world. According to visual storytellers like Indermaur, it is clear that mobile phone photography will become more crucial for brands as marketing and society increasingly favor visual information.

Dive into how this impacts brands large and small in the first edition of the Interactive Marketing Insights Show McDonald and Indermaur:

Interactive Marketing Insights Show with Suzanne McDonald and Scott Indermaur

This Episode’s Guest: Scott Indermaur

Scott Indermaur travels extensively for assignments, regularly traversing the U.S, Europe, and Asia. Past clients include IBM, Rhode Island School of Design, BCBS of Rhode Island, Black & Decker, Ryder, Land Rover, JCPenney, General Motors, Pratt & Whitney and Sprint. Portraits include Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Sprint CEO William Esry and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Scott has also spent significant time as an official photographer for Major League Soccer and fulfilling assignments for sports publications like Sports Illustrated, establishing his eye for sports, entertainment and live action. Using photojournalism skills honed in his early days with the Associated Press, Kansas City Star, The Arizona Republic and The New York Times, Scott remains very involved in creating multimedia stories.

Interactive Marketing Insights Show + #NIMRI Focus on Social Media Now = Visuals + Video + Mobile

Visual-Video specialist Scott Indermaur and Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald at a past Newport Interactive Marketers networking-learning night. Gather more of Scott’s Interactive Marketing Insights on WADK on the Jan 22 Interactive Marketing Show and at #NIMRI on Jan 25 in Newport, RI.


Visual-Video specialist Scott Indermaur and Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald at a past Newport Interactive Marketers networking-learning night. Gather more of Scott’s Interactive Marketing Insights on WADK on the Jan 22 Interactive Marketing Show and at #NIMRI on Jan 25 in Newport, RI.

Whether you’re a photographer wanting to sharpen your digital edge or a thrifty entrepreneur with no budget, or simply looking to expand your personal skillset.

Stay relevant in this ever-visual world

You do have a secret weapon, right in your pocket — so why not learn some tips & tricks from a pro to fill your digital media with the most effective form of communication, happens to be the fastest, too!

Don’t miss these FREE opportunities:

–> Jan 22 the new Interactive Marketing Show on WADK-1540. Click here to listen to Interactive Marketing Insights LIVE from ANYWHERE the 4th Monday of each month from noon-1 p.m.

–> Jan. 25 in-person in Newport, RI, at Newport Interactive Marketers networking-learning night.

WADK’s Open Forum / Interactive Marketing Insights Show connects you with experts and leaders in our community, including photographer and video specialist Scott Indermaur, who joins Suzanne to share his insights.

For decades Scott Indermaur has advised fellow creatives, transforming his 25-year commercial, corporate and editorial photography experience — working with brands like BCBS of Rhode Island, Black & Decker, Ryder, Land Rover and IBM, plus titans of the financial industry — into actionable insights for visual creatives aiming to fast-track their success.

Mobile phone photography is crucial for businesses and brands large and small in today’s world. It’ll only be moreso as marketing and society increasingly favor visual information. Think images and video and how our information-gathering preferences have evolved:


“I find many small businesses — and even big creative departments — are wearing many hats. Simply finding the time to create imagery for social media can be difficult, never mind to craft strong imagery that tells their brand’s narrative story,” Scott Indermaur said.

“Couple that, Suzanne McDonald notes, “With intense pressure to rise to the top visually on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest, and it’s definitely daunting. Hearing insights from an expert like Scott Indermaur is key since he not only know how to capture great images on his phone, but also how to coach others — even non-photographers like me — to capture shots that look great on a when browsing the Facebook app or to accompany a blog post.”

Mobile photography tips — just the tip of the iceberg

  1. Keep it simple: An easy workflow is key to keep creating visual content.
  2. How to create your own enjoyable workflow and allows you to create imagery from the heart.
  3. How stock images are likely hurting more than helping
  4. How to frame your images and video for mobile consumption

–> Click here to listen to Interactive Marketing Insights LIVE from ANYWHERE the 4th Monday of each month from noon-1 p.m.

Wanting to learn & see more?

See Indermaur present an in-depth talk at Newport Interactive Marketers on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018#NIMRI events are free but space is limited: Please RSVP at bit.ly/NIMevents

Meet Scott IndermaurScottIndermaur_NIMRI

With 25 years of photography and video experience, Scott Indermaur has built his career sharing stories through visuals. His gift lies in discovering the familiar in the exotic and the remarkable in the ordinary. He is the backbone and member of the Indermaur Media team, serving clients like BCBS of Rhode Island, Black & Decker, Ryder, Land Rover and IBM, plus titans of the financial industry. Returning to his photojournalism roots from his early days, Scott remains very involved in creating multimedia stories.

Scott also coaches creatives to fly over the common bumps in the photography business, whether you’re an events/wedding specialist, commercial, corporate, or a veteran photographer. Stop struggling and enjoy your business and your craft with time-tested and proven wisdom from a 25-year photography veteran who’s living the life he loves. It’s free to call. https://www.visualcreativecoach.com/20-min-intro-form



Discussing Leadership at All Levels with Gail Alofsin on 1540 AM WADK

Angles & Insights founder Suzanne McDonald discusses entrepreneurship on 1540 AM WADK

For this episode of Leadership at All Levels on 1540 AM WADK radio with Gail Alofsin, three professionals to discuss leadership and entrepreneurship in the Newport community. 

  • Lisa Bergeron, founding partner and chief visionary officer of Advancing Workplace Excellence (AWE)
  • Laurie Stroll, President of Newport Hospitality
  • Suzanne McDonald, Digital Strategist and Entrepreneur, founder of Angles & Insights, founder of Newport Interactive Marketers (NIM)

McDonald discusses her former professional life at The Boston Globe, how she started her life as an entrepreneur, what it means to work with passionate business owners with their marketing, and how Newport Interactive Marketers (NIM), the networking group she founded makes an impact.

Listen to Alofsin speak with McDonald, as well as Bergeron and Stroll, about what it means to navigate the modern workplace:


Senior Matters with 1540 AM WADK

Opportunities for Seniors to Use Technology with 1540 AM WADK and Blenheim-Newport

Angles & Insights founder Suzanne McDonald gives tips on how seniors can use social media to stay connected with their family in the digital world

McDonald spoke on 1540 AM WADK radio with Blenheim-Newport, a senior living community in Newport, Rhode Island about how senior citizens can easily stay in touch with their family members and leave an educational legacy for future generations.

Below is a transcript of the radio show discussion:

Senior Matters with 1540 AM WADK

Before I started my own business as a digital media strategist, I used to be a journalist at The Boston Globe.

My passion for understanding people’s stories has evolved into helping businesses engage with everyday people. I love making business owners’ lives easier with technology, tools, and processes that make them more efficient and effective.

I founded a local network called Newport Interactive Marketers, which is entering its eighth year. NIM is for business owners, solopreneurs, big companies and nonprofits who want to better understand how marketing works today and the best way they can connect with their customers & audiences.

NIM hosts monthly events that focus on networking, followed by a presentation given by an expert who works in a digital marketing or tech-related field. Past presentations have focused on topics such as social media trends, measuring Google and other web analytics, and explaining what a valuable website should really cost.

There’s an important focus on education at NIM, whether you’re doing the work yourself and have questions or making sure the people you’ve hired are doing the best job they can.

Today on Senior Matters—and thanks to Blenheim for having me—I’d love to share how seniors can use technology. Stay with me because there are so many wonderful things you can do!

Like anything there are risks: you don’t drive a car without learning how to do it, for example. Same here and there are classes available if you’ve never even touched a computer before.

Benchmark offers classes & the senior centers on [Aquidneck] island do too.

I’m a big believer in aging brings wisdom, so I know there are folks out there, with the right support, who can benefit tremendously from some of the tools we’ll talk about today.

Did you know the fastest growing demo on Facebook is seniors? Why do you think that is?

Connecting with grandchildren, although many of them may be on other social media as well.

My mom just got a tablet last year for Christmas. She had not even touched a computer for decades and kept saying she didn’t want one—now she’s pinning chicken coops on Pinterest, sending emails, booking flights. It’s so funny to me because she didn’t have an email for so long, I’m always surprised when I get an email from her!

It’s so nice to be able to send her pictures of my daughter and know she can see them. And everyone in my family loves it. It’s especially important as her first grandchild just went off to college.

More specifically, I’d like to mention a few online tools that make everyone’s life easier, make those precious moments and capture them as they happen.

Here’s my recommendation—mention these tools to the tech support expert in your family. Think high school age or even college. Get them to research it and set it up.

Have you seen the Apple ad that ran last year that the kid always looked removed from all the activities going on when the family was together? And then he shows a video he made of the weekend? SUPER idea! My niece did one of the last time we were all together and had it done before the weekend was over. It’s touching and funny and completely captures the spirit of the weekend!

There’s a site called Doodle, Doodle.com that allows everyone to put in their schedule so you can see when everyone is available or NOT.

So for Thanksgiving, let’s say not everyone can be together. Wouldn’t it be fun to pick a time over the weekend when everyone can jump on a video call together? It’s not the same as in-person togetherness, but it’s important to do the best we can. Maybe teleporting will happen someday, but for now, we can connect so much better than 20 years ago.

We recently had a death in the family, and it’s always a reminder of how precious moments like those are.

So let’s say you have everyone lined up for a video call … what tool would be best?

Google Hangouts, now YouTube Live, might be a good option.

Another “mission” I have going on is to record moments from family history. Have you heard of StoryCorps on NPR? A family member records an oral history with an older person … or any person I believe. What a great idea!

In our case, we’ve sort of skipped a generation in that it’s worked out my daughter’s grandmother lived in London England through the Depression and World War II. She had some amazing stories about being an ambulance driver through the blacked-out streets of London during bombing raids. I think they called them beetle-bombs because of the noise they made.

Sadly, my mother-in-law passed before my daughter was born. But I did do some interviews and recordings with her siblings who are still in London. I’m really doing her history reports for her! We also have family in South Africa who are quite elderly and it’s fascinating to get that perspective of history – both good and bad.

And you could do the same thing. You don’t even need anyone to interview you. You could have help setting up a YouTube channel and sit in front of the computer, phone, or iPad and tell your story. Bring some props and talk about meaningful moments in your life. Give your grandchildren or your friends’ grandkids some perspective!

In some ways, I’d like to challenge our listeners to do so. Kids can’t even conceptualize what your life was like. Think about it … what was food prep like? The best idea I have is from Downton Abbey. If we don’t share what we’ve experienced, we can’t expect anyone to understand it and your descendants deeply want to know—but be lively & interesting! Pretend you’re on Fox News or Charlie Rose.

Big takeaways

  1. Don’t be afraid of technology – ask for help! A complaint is an “uncommunicated request.” There are classes and support. Learn the ropes!
  2. A big helper is someone in high school or college or even younger. Get that digital native to reverse mentor you! What a benefit to you and confidence boost to them!
  3. Don’t rely on them to do all the work. Give them ideas, spark the inspiration. Mention YouTube Live, mention Doodle. Suggest everyone get on a video call over Thanksgiving weekend and connect as many in your family as you can. It’s actually pretty easy. 1 tip: use Google Chrome!! Don’t worry, the kids will know what that is.
  4. Take the challenge: Share your wisdom and experiences with your family and friends.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What to Expect for Social Media in 2016 with Gail Alofsin

Angles & Insights founder Suzanne McDonald talks with Gail Alofsin on 1540 AM WADK Newport’s Open Forum radio show about how to prepare for upcoming social media trends in 2016.

Gail Alofsin is an internationally recognized speaker, author, career coach, mentor and university professor. Her programs are focused on coaching, mentoring and assisting others, especially women, in becoming their best selves. 

Her book Your Someday is NOW – What are YOU Waiting For? focuses on the integration of life and career commitments, communication and leadership. The books also reviews building YOUR personal brand focused on integrity, authenticity and bringing value to the workplace. Since being published in April, 2014, the book has raised over $30,600 for non-profit organizations.

Here’s what Alofsin had to say about what you should do to improve your social media presence and get ahead in 2016:





Suzanne McDonald: What’s to look forward to – or dread – in 2016?

Gail Alofsin: Time for an audit – Social media has been around a while, and likely your profiles have too. Now’s a good time to “audit” your social presence.

What do all those posts really say about you? You may not always be in a bar, but perhaps your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram show you there. Try to assess and give a more complete – and professional – picture of who you are. If you’re job-hunting this is even more key.

SM: What should you do with channels you don’t use anymore?

GA: It’s OK to delete them and focus on the channels you really like. Although I’d say always keep LinkedIn … you never know when an opportunity will arise. Oh and while you’re deleting, remove blurry images too.

SM: Doesn’t it take up so much time, though?

GA: It does indeed, but that’s where analytics come in to help you understand what’s working and what’s not. You don’t want to invest where there’s no ROI.

Don’t forget time-saving tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that let you schedule things out. Don’t forget you’ve scheduled posts, though, in case of tragedy. Expect blowback if you’re tweeting about a sweater sale when Paris is terrorized.

Maybe you prefer being in-the-moment: Twitter & Facebook apps for mobile make it easy to engage and update.

SM: What if you’re a small business or a nonprofit and are only a casual user?What do you recommend for speakers like me?

GA: Pick a channel few people are flocking to these days – how about in-person? All of my business comes from referrals, and many of those stem from Newport Interactive Marketers.

Over 5+ years, I’ve demonstrated my knowledge and skills by bringing cutting-edge marketing intel to the wider community. People come from Boston, Hartford, New Hampshire to see the speakers I’ve invited.

SM: Does that mean I can ditch social media altogether?

GA: Not all. Think of it this way: Some people prefer email; others the phone. You want to be there, and be responsive when people reach out to you. I messaged a local greenhouse on Facebook in search of a live Christmas tree, which they had. But by the time I got details on price etc a day or so later, my husband already bought a regular tree. That’s just 1 very small example, but think of how many businesses are missing sales because they’re not as responsive as social media users expect.

Gail Alofsin Suzanne McDonald on WADK NPT

SM: What’s new & trending for 2015? Any predictions?

GA: A year is a long time in the media-technology world. One of the perks of being a student of new media – attending conferences like Social Media Marketing World – and the curator of NIM is being connected to so many experts. We’re just about to release a survey asking all those experts what brands should expect – and where the opportunities are – in 2016.  My predictions: more video (think YouTube, Facebook auto-play videos).

Plus, more live video like Periscope, Meerkat & Blab. It’s interactive & can be archived. Think of it like a live talk show – on demand. Evidently, we love it … think Jerry Springer meets YouTube … live video media isn’t quite there yet, but maybe this time next year it will be. Jimmy Kimmel Blab-only shows? I say: Maybe.