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RITES: World-class Resource for Families Struggling With Learning Differences

Client: Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services (RITES)

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Newport Interactive Marketing: Providing a networking-learning community that connects attendees and experts.

Client: Newport Interactive Marketing 



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Student-to-Employment: Offering students the opportunity to grow their professional skills with real clients

Client: A&I Student-to-Employment

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Sea Rose Montessori: Supporting Parents & Students of the Sea Rose Community

Sea Rose wanted to grow their enrollment numbers, so Angles & Insights stepped in with a targeted plant that involved both family and community outreach to create a collaborative network, and marketing and re-branding efforts to increase donations and visibility outside the community. The results speak for themselves! With Angles & Insights’ help, Sea Rose Montessori has increased enrollment, raised money to lower the cost of tuition, and performed substantial eco-renovations thanks to donations and support from Benjamin Moore and Rockmill Studios. Suzanne created a strategy to attack their problem on multiple fronts, and thanks to her expertise Sea Rose continues to grow.

Client: Sea Rose Montessori

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April 2018 Interactive Marketing Insights Show

WADK Interactive Marketing Insights Show: Making NIM learning opportunities more accessible

Client: Interactive Marketing Insights Show

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Case Study: “Ticknado” ­­ University of Rhode Island

Developed & led limited -resources pilot project: Trained students in content creation, influencer outreach & strategic partnerships to prevent Lyme disease and tick bites. Results:

  • Won Strategic Video Awards Best Viral Video
  • Earned an organic reach of 2.4 million
  • Boosted website traffic by 234%
  • Gained 1,000 new social media followers in 60 days
Amramp Salutes visual content campaign

Integrated Multimedia Content Strategy & Execution

B2B   International franchise organization in the home health market

Amramp Salutes visual content campaignClient   Amramp

Challenges   1 /  Remaining top-of-mind for overworked medical professionals who comprise a large referral segment.

2 /  Gaining social media awareness using meme-like visual content.

Solutions  Integrated Multimedia Content Strategy to boost SEO, social media & engage with targeted audiences.

1 /  Ideate & curate lifestyle-magazine-esque email newsletter & blog posts that helps medical professionals be more effective at work or beyond, and/or help their patients.

2 /  Ideate, design & develop “Amramp Salutes” highly visual campaigns to foster social media awareness on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

“We rely on Angles & Insights to create optimal targeted content across a multitude of platforms. What we value most is Suzanne’s great, innovative ideas. We have a wonderful working relationship and appreciate that her team delivers with minimal oversight, so we can focus on all our other responsibilities.”

integrated marketing campaigns

New Media Integrated Strategy & Coaching

rites analyticsB2C Nonprofit & Education

Client Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services

Diverse offerings left parents confused and summer camp openings unfilled.

Develop, launch & promote an interactive tool that directs parents to the most appropriate course offerings for their child.

Courses filled earlier. Fewer phone calls from confused parents, which freed up staff time. Analytics like decreased page visits & bounce rates – plus increased time on site – indicate that visitors found what they were looking for more quickly and engaged with the content more thoroughly.

rites analytics

Great news: People using the site increased by 74% from the previous year, over a 4-month period.

Good news: Number of pages visitors saw increased by 50% and they were able to find what they were looking for faster (pages/session & duration) with less frustration (lower bounce rate).

More great news: Google is rewarding the site for making it better for users & shows the site more often when people are searching in Google. And an overhauled email marketing campaign really paid off, too, as opposed to social algo changes that diminished impact.

Course-correction: Discontinued paid search with Google because the testing didn’t prove out. Instead, we invested in Facebook ads.

integrated social media campaign

Integrated Campaign Pilot Program From Strategy to Execution

integrated social media campaign pilot project





B2C  Public Health & Education

Client  University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Resource Center

Challenge  Changing behavior to prevent Lyme disease via tick-bite awareness & prevention

Solution  Suzanne developed the methodology & curriculum in content creation, influencer outreach & strategic partnerships to engage 2 primary national audiences in tick-bite & Lyme disease prevention practices: parents & pet parents.

Suzanne led 2 other social media professionals in mentoring & training 4 unskilled interns and key TickEncounter staff in this replicable-by-design pilot project.


  • Won Strategic Video Awards Best Viral Video for “Ticknado.”
  • Earned an organic reach of 2.4 million,
  • Boosted website traffic by 234%
  • Gained 1,000 new social media followers
  • Provided first-class social media training to undergraduate students, one now works full-time in the industry.
  • Strategic partnerships have persisted 2 years on.