Community Building?

Hello Providence Geeks: We’re so glad you’re here, too

Following Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald’s talk on Community Building at Providence Geeks, we gather you’re interested in learning more about how can communities grow your brand? You’ve come to right resource to help you avoid pitfalls and learn from a decade+ of community-building bootstrapping!

Learn more about how you can leverage Suzanne’s expertise to grow a community to build your brand.

We believe: Community building is perfect for forward-thinking brands. We should embrace our unique assets and innate skills for bringing people together for a shared — or aligned — set of goals.

So let’s focus on your future — and what you can do now to be ready.

As Big Data strangles itself, you are sidestepping restrictions and the unreliability of major social channels like Facebook and Google. These publicly traded companies are in it for profit — not people. When you invite and nurture people, you can learn everything you need to know to be effective: Just ask. 

Keen to dive deeper into these community building fundamentals?

  1. What does a community look like? Online, off & in-between
  2. Why build a community? Crucial elements to consider before you start
  3. Which advantages does community give women? How women can use their innate skills
  4. What are some real, bootstrapped examples? From Newport Interactive Marketing in year 10 and Sea Rose Montessori year 3.5
  5. Which tools are helpful? Next sensible steps from planning to marketing to deep-dives into the tools that work best

Are you overwhelmed by marketing, tech, or unsure how to best grow your brand?

A&I’s Strategic Consulting & Training 

Your custom path to sustainable, compounding growth 

Proven & Trusted

For the past decade+, A&I CEO Suzanne McDonald has guided small marketing teams, siloed sales forces & executives to long-term ROI with greater efficiencies, explaining and teaching to clients teams regardless of skillset. 

Expert Insights

Unlike traditional agencies, you’ll collaborate with and benefit from Suzanne’s 10,000+ hours of ongoing training and knowhow from growing B2B, B2C, nonprofits, startups, and more. You’ll also benefit from her deep roster of topnotch specialists — SEO, PPC, LI — via Newport Interactive Marketing networking-learning community, which Suzanne launched and for which Suzanne has curated 100+ events, where experts’ insights are made digestible through Suzanne’s topnotch curation.

End Uncertainty & Boost ROI

Former Boston Globe journalist, Suzanne McDonald and the small highly skilled A&I team builds  brands by blending brand journalism, & community-nurturing and marketing technology & education. 

So long struggle & uncertainty … hello sustainable ROI!