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Four-time Winner of the Stevie Awards

At the 11th Annual International Business Awards in Paris (the top prizes in business in the world), Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald accepts awards for Internet/New Media Company of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Microbusiness of the Year & Executive of the Year for her work with Designated Editor & the University of Rhode Island Social Media Certificate Program.

* Valued at $150. Free Exploratory Session availability limited through April 30, 2018

Wondering where to invest to gain Optimal ROI?

Angles & Insights maximizes limited resources, be it budgets, time, or staffing. All within the confines of what you have to work with, the A&I team:

/|   Identifies opportunities for your organization

/|   Clarifies your brand voice & offerings

/|   Determines your optimal strategy, and

/|  Leverages tools and tactics to get it all done

How? Hear from clients directly how A&I has achieved results using results-driven integrated campaigns.

Angles & Insights is the natural evolution of content & social strategy specialists Designated Editor. Brands and organizations today must consider not only content but also conversions. We provide the know-how to help even small brands make big gains.

Former Boston Globe journalist Suzanne McDonald is an adjunct professor at Framingham State University, the mastermind behind the region’s top networking-learning group Newport Interactive Marketers, and an omnivore of all things new media and client success.

What’s the secret sauce?

Nearly a decade of new media expertise, atop 15 years’ daily journalism experience, a hankering for tech & an incessant drive to expand our knowledge reveals whether your marketing & sales are impacting your optimal audiences.

What’s in it for you?

These days, almost anyone can build a website or update your social media channels. At A&I, you attain expert strategists who:

  • Envision your brand’s growth ecosystem
  • Know the tools & technology to be ultra efficient & effective

Contemporary Communications & Marketing Core

Rewarding campaigns hinge on effective websites – A living library, your site must simplify & direct individuals toward the actions you desire.

Quality content requires optimization – Content that’s worth your investment & target audiences’ time earns email clicks, search engine & social media attention.

Results require measurement & adjustment – Analytics, tools & applications are diminished or enhanced by the humans using them. Eliminate guesswork, test your next steps & course-correct – all in a day’s intrigue.

Optimize everything & everyone

Whether you’re a team of 1 or 100, A&I integrates with existing resources

Feeding the content beast: ideating and creating for SEO, social & beyond

  • Website design, development, optimization & project management
  • Content coaching & editing, honing your insights into engagement pieces
  • Social Media optimization, strategy & engagement techniques
  • Integrated content, from creative strategy to editorial calendars

Leveraging opportunities: online, offline & everything in-between

  • Optimizing for conversions: landing pages, calls-to-action, sales funnels
  • Spotting opportunities via competitive analysis
  • Utilizing SEO and myriad tools to boost efficiency & efficacy
  • Boosting traffic to your website with optimized channeling
  • Building strategic relationships: sponsors, partners & influencers

Match-making the optimal tools & technology to be more effective more easily

  • Taming spreadsheets & lists into actionable insights for sales, relationship development & social media
  • Recommending optimal scheduling, posting & monitoring tools for your brand, business, or organization
  • Demystifying it all into actionable insights & relevant tasks that you and/or your team can get done

What’s a conversion?

For one client it’s using online registration & interactive tools to sign up students for a summer course.

For another, using a social CRM & personalized content to track & engage interested individuals who are considering purchasing a new yacht.

Or securing emails for sought-after professionals & potential staffers with specific skills sets by showcasing the agency’s appeal & flexible online scheduling.

Or curating custom content for medical professionals that enables them to be better at work or beyond and/or help their patients.

What’s so strategic?

For one of the world’s leading tick researchers seeking to see his Lyme-disease prevention tools actually be used, strategy entailed a pilot project that trained a student team to reach of 2.4 million and 1,000 new social media followers — all with a limited budget.

For an education nonprofit, integrated strategy favors developing a new interactive tool that directs parents to appropriate course offerings. And integrating a CRM that enables strategic retargeting and up-selling from custom lists.

For an app developer, it’s discovering via direct student feedback and focus-group testing what needs to change to gain traction in the college demographic.

* Valued at $150. Free Exploratory Session availability limited through April 30, 2018

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