Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Co-Working Spaces with Sarah Nadimpalli

Learn how to help your business thrive by taking an advantage of co-working!

Suzanne McDonald and Sarah Nadimpalli discuss the benefits of co-working and having a dynamic work/community space for professional women. This month’s Interactive Marketing Insights Show is on WADK on Monday, July 23 from noon-1 p.m.

Sarah Nadimpalli has a background in academic research and uses a community-based approach to conduct her funded studies and publish papers. She incorporated her previous experience when working with the founders of SIREN. SIREN’s mission is to provide women with a welcoming and dynamic work and community space for professional women.

“The majority of our ideas, goals, and culture of the organization will come from ‘the ground’ up through coming to consensus, voting, and community meetings,” explained Nadimpalli.

SIREN is the first proposed workspace for women in Rhode Island. It will be driven by the goals and mission of the community of professional women involved. The group is currently in the beginning stages of building the SIREN community and are looking for members to found it.

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