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Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Social Media Marketing With Nicole Eller

Improve Your Brand by Creating an Engaging Online Personality

Insights from a social media marketer about how to bring a spark to your online presence


These days, potential customers will form their first impressions about businesses from their social media profiles. This can either really hurt a business, or, bring in a lot of new clients. It all depends on how well you have designed your online personality.

Nicole Eller is the president of the board for AMP-RI, an organization that serves marketing professionals in and around Rhode Island. They look at what the professionals are doing, what the current trends are in the business, and what people should be focusing on. Since the field is always evolving and growing, the educational component of marketing is crucial! Eller and AMP-RI help marketing professionals in Rhode Island stay on top of their game.

On top of that, Eller, an experienced social media marketer, recently merged merged Ginger Green Marketing and Custom Marketing Solutions with her business partner Alicia Piazza. She now co-owns The Spark Social. She helps business design social media marketing and advertising: how to bring your online brand to life by giving it personality. Getting people’s attention online is key to building up a following — just look at Wendy’s Twitter!

Eller helps clients identify who they are, who they want to be, and how to manage their customer relationships in the process. Listen for social media and marketing strategy tips and insights!

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