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Interactive Marketing and Insights Show + #NIMRI Discusses Time Management Strategies With Lisa Griffith

Stop Getting Lost In Your Projects!

Lisa Griffith shares her time management tips for ending cycles of procrastinations

These days, it seems like everyone is busier than ever. It’s almost a competition: who is the most stressed out? Who has the most to get done? And who, despite always apparently working, is behind on everything they have to do?

We all get caught in the procrastination cycle. A big factor is social media assuming such a big part of so many jobs in digital media. It is practically impossible to disconnect from social media and the internet, and that makes personal time and project management all the more difficult. Everyone is on their computers, so we feel like we are getting things done. It’s just not the things that actually need to get done.

Griffith earned her certificate in time management and productivity from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She knows very well all of the distractions and time-wasters that people fall into, and she is trained in helping people break those patterns. Among other things, she speaks to:

  • How to figure out and use your most productive time
  • How to stick to deadlines
  • Tips to avoid procrastination
  • Project management tools

Everyone struggles at least a little bit with organization and time management. Griffith shares her tips and tricks that will help us all become productivity masters!


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