Discussing Leadership at All Levels with Gail Alofsin on 1540 AM WADK

Angles & Insights founder Suzanne McDonald discusses entrepreneurship on 1540 AM WADK

For this episode of Leadership at All Levels on 1540 AM WADK radio with Gail Alofsin, three professionals to discuss leadership and entrepreneurship in the Newport community. 

  • Lisa Bergeron, founding partner and chief visionary officer of Advancing Workplace Excellence (AWE)
  • Laurie Stroll, President of Newport Hospitality
  • Suzanne McDonald, Digital Strategist and Entrepreneur, founder of Angles & Insights, founder of Newport Interactive Marketers (NIM)

McDonald discusses her former professional life at The Boston Globe, how she started her life as an entrepreneur, what it means to work with passionate business owners with their marketing, and how Newport Interactive Marketers (NIM), the networking group she founded makes an impact.

Listen to Alofsin speak with McDonald, as well as Bergeron and Stroll, about what it means to navigate the modern workplace: