Interactive Marketing & Insights Show + #NIMRI: Halley Lavenstein

Insights from Halley Lavenstein, executive director of a nonprofit organization, about how marketing has helped grow her business. 

As a small or nonprofit business, it can be difficult to market your company on a budget. With a few simple and inexpensive tools, you can get your business booming in no time! 

Halley Lavenstein is the executive director at Rhode Island Tutorial Educational Services. Their mission is to teach students in the way that they learn best. They tutor in all subjects and reach students across Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Lavenstein shared that Google advertisements, free workshops, and a consistent blog with free, meaningful advice are the most impactful ways that helped grow her business. 

Every small business or nonprofit organization can struggle with balancing a budget and finding ways to market themselves. Lavenstein’s personal experience with simple marketing tools has shown that you can utilize inexpensive yet powerful ways to grow your business! 

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