Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn: Innovative Ways to Enhance Your Job Search or Business

Angles & Insights CEO Suzanne McDonald spoke to undergraduate students at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island to explain the best practices for using LinkedIn.

Topics include tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile, how to search users, how to apply for jobs, and more tips and tricks. 

Here are the top takeaways from the presentation, a short list of the best practices for building a well-optimized LinkedIn profile:

  • Complete your LinkedIn profile as much as possible. What is your current position? What awards and recognitions have you earned? Where did you attend undergraduate university? Graduate programs? It’s essential to fill out this information so LinkedIn can pull the keywords you select to match you with potential connections and job positions.
  • Identify the skills and expertise you want to be known for. What do Note—LinkedIn is not a formal CV, so insert your personal brand and describe your experiences in a human way.
  • Be an active user. Actively engage with your LinkedIn network by participating in discussions, joining groups, asking questions, or even publishing articles. The more you engage with your network, the more likely you will appear in the LinkedIn newsfeed d
  • Use the Jobs function to benchmark. Searching for employment opportunities under Jobs on LinkedIn is the primary purpose, but it can be a clever way to measure your expertise against the current market demand. What types of skills are currently sought after in your industry? How can you build your expertise to take your career to the next level? Searching job position descriptions can be helpful research.

[View the full Slideshare presentation]

About Suzanne McDonald 

Former Boston Globe journalist and CEO of Angles & Insights marketing consultancy, Suzanne is an omnivore of all things new media & client success. She’s pioneered award-winning courses at area universities and digital marketing campaigns, including “Best Viral Video Award” for #Ticknado and “Internet / New Media Company of the Year” at the International Business Awards. 

Suzanne also founded and curates Newport Interactive Marketers networking-learning community, providing marketing insights to SEOs, social, PR & content pros and to brands and nonprofits big and small. 

Suzanne holds a master’s in Mass Communications and Journalism from University of South Carolina and engineered a BA into a journalism program at Framingham State University, magna cum laude. 

She has 15 years’ experience at daily newspapers, 6 at The Boston Globe, until she took a voluntary buyout to launch Designated Editor in 2008. In 2015, Suzanne launched Angles & Insights to better reflect her expanded abilities to meet clients’ needs beyond SEO, social & content.